Visit Nîmes

You are here in the heart of the Grand Site Occitanie: Nîmes - Pont du Gard - Uzès, which is nicknamed the French Rome.

Ideally situated between Provence, Camargue and Cévènnes, the location of the city of Nîmes will allow you to visit, for a few hours, a day or more, the treasures of our region: wild landscapes, cities and villages of character, gastronomy, cultural and historical heritage, activities at will...

This territory is undeniably marked by the Roman imprint. A former colony of ancient Rome, Nîmes has preserved exceptionally well-preserved monuments for 2000 years, such as the arena and the Maison Carrée, which make it so unique. Around the city, the famous Pont du Gard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Uzès with its silhouette recognisable at first glance, the Cévennes, labelled a Grand Site Occitanie, Arles and the Camargue...



The Pont du Gard crossing the Gardon

The Pont du Gard

Flock of flamingos wading in the shallow lagoon water

The Camargue

Moor with blooming brooms in the Cevennes mountains near Viallas, France

The Cevennes