The capital of the Gard promises a real immersion in ancient Rome. The most emblematic monument of the city's Roman history is undoubtedly the amphitheatre. In these arenas, the best preserved in the Roman worldIn all, 24,000 people were able to take their seats, divided up according to social rank, to watch the gladiatorial shows and fights.

Join us for a tour of the main monuments, starting with the Arènes, the Roman amphitheatre dating from the 1st century AD. As you walk up Boulevard Victor Hugo, you'll discover thea Maison CarréeThe city's main temple is dedicated to the son and grandson of the Emperor Augustus. Inside the temple, a film traces the history of Nîmes through the eyes of a Roman family. The tour of Nîmes continues with a visit to the Gardens of the Fountain. Built in 1745 under the reign of Louis XV, the lower section houses the Temple of Diana and at the top the Magne TowerThe Gardens, the highest and most prestigious tower in the Roman city, offer a breathtaking panorama of the city.

Around the amphitheatre and the Maison Carrée, dedicated 2,000 years ago to the cult of youth, Nîmes has other surprises in store. Private mansions, contemporary art and architecture and the Jardins de la Fontaine express both the constancy of its history and the charm of the Mediterranean: pedestrian streets, gourmet markets, squares and shady terraces, a festive spirit (bullfighting shows, ferias, bullfights...), Nîmes cultivates its differences and shares its art of living with its visitors with a smile.