Visiting Uzès

Under the patronage of the majestic Pont du Gard, the Uzège region, with its rolling landscapes and Tuscan flavour, is blessed with rare qualities and an innate ability to suspend time. Just 25 km from Nîmes, Uzès, the first Duchy in France to be awarded the "Town of Art and History" label, boasts an exceptional heritage. Entering Uzès is like stepping back in time. Stroll through its medieval streets and admire the architecture of its monuments. This is a town steeped in history!

It was first occupied by the Romans, who harnessed the water from the Eure Valley, which rises in Uzès, and transported it to Nîmes. To do this, they built a 49 km long aqueduct, the most famous part of which is still standing today: the Pont du Gard, of course. From the 5th century onwards, it became a powerful bishopric: the Diocese of Uzès would become one of the most important in Languedoc over the following centuries. The town's emblem is its Duchy. Uzès is famous for having been the 1st Duchy of France in 1632 and is still the oldest surviving French Duchy.

When you arrive, start by wandering through the medieval streets: it's the best way to discover the town's many monuments, as well as the many boutiques and art galleries housed in the old buildings. Don't hesitate to enter the cathedral of Saint-Théodorit and the church of Saint-Etienne. You can also visit the Duchy. In the heart of the town, don't miss the Jardin Médiéval, created in 1995 to illustrate the virtues and uses of plants in the Middle Ages. After your stroll through the garden, don't forget to climb the 100 steps of the King's Tower for a panoramic view of the town and its region.